Hostess Coaching 101

Why should I hostess coach?

  1.  Because it is our job!  But that obviously isn’t the only reason. 🙂
  2. Because it is fun and the #1 way to build a relationship with your hostess.  And let’s face it without a relationship you are going no where.  We are in the relationship business in case no one has told you that yet 🙂
  3. If you coach her well then she gets more free and discounted goodies.  AND she is happy because her friends and family come to see her and hang out at the party if it is a home party.
  4. If she is happy and her party is bigger….hello…bigger paycheck for us too as the consultant!


The thing you have to always remember with hostess coaching is that you are the teacher and she is the student.  She is not selling in direct sales and even if she is or has…..she probably doesn’t know what you do.  🙂  She is the key to your business and you MUST help her!  So what are we waiting for?!  Let’s get to work!

The first thing I want you do is take the time to check out this FB event.  This was put together in January of 2016 so the photos may be older. BUT the content is good!  Take notes and revisit it often!



Ok, so one of the first things that you want to focus on is a theme:

One of the first steps of hostess coaching the home party for me from now on is themed parties! I am adding this as the first step to cause excitement and draw more people!  I can not tell you enough how much this helps in adding more guests to the party!  It cause way more excitement for the hostess and the guests if done right.  Get the guests involved.  Give them tickets if they bring a chocolate treat to share or dress up as the theme.


Next up you want to send out these 3 step forms to your hostess as follows:

Check out the  3 step Hostess Coaching LINKS!! This was so easy ladies! You can do it too! Once you get it done it will be so easy to just do a few switching around in your folders each month. Swap some pictures and videos and boom you are done!


Hostess Coaching #1…/1FAIpQLSf109BD-pvzjsy2ut…/viewform

(#1 goes out as soon as you book the party or 2 weeks out)

Hostess Coaching #2…/1FAIpQLSeO2znBKYr_isqYTb…/viewform

(#2 goes out about a week before the party)

Hostess Coaching #3…/1FAIpQLSdDZDNL6YjmRlVWcN…/viewform

(#3 goes out after the party when you are ready to close)

Ladies!!! If I can do this I swear you can too!!!! This is going to be good!!!! I am so ready to start coaching my hostesses to better parties!!!


Ok, so now you have gotten some good training so here are some other great resources:

Hostess Packets Documents:

Hostess Coaching Documents:

Next up is Redstamp


If you are not using Redstamp you are missing out on a great way to hostess coach and help her send her invites.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use Redstamp:

*****IMPORTANT*******Last but not least here is an additional blog on what NOT to do and why the blended approach is so important to help your hostess understand:

Relationships are so key when working on hostess coaching with your hostess.  Talk to her often, send her fun happy mail, check in on her and help her out.  You can do this.  Be consistent.  Get a plan.  Make that hostess happy and watch your paycheck grow!